Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders also known as pocket pets are small marsupials from Australia. Their average life span is 10-15 years if given the proper care and affection needed.  They are about 8 weeks old when we get them in. We also get in more rare colors such as leucistics and creminos. Call us for availability and pricing. All our gliders are hand tamed and very friendly. Please research or call for more information before deciding to purchase.


African Pygmy Hedgehogs

African Pygmy Hedgehogs are insectivores from Africa. They are very sociable animals and they bond with you very well. They are also very smart and can be potty trained. Their life span is 5-10 years if feed the proper diet and given the right care. Although they do have quills that can be prickly,  they will relax them when you hold them so they do not hurt you. We sell them when they are around 8-10 weeks old  Learn more about how to care for your new baby hedgehog.


Flying Squirrels

. Please call for more information if interested in anything not listed or if you have questions.