These small little critters love to fly around their cages and play with their toys. Although they are not a very handible bird they have great little personalities and will put a smile on your face. They also like to be in pairs. The type that we normally carry are called Zebra Finches



This is a type of bird that with time invested into them can become great pets. Although at first they are a little frightened by you with time they will learn to love you and enjoy sitting on your shoulder all day long. They also can learn to talk, about 8-10 words is average but some do say more. We have an assortment of colors here.



We also carry male canaries as well. They are about 9 months of age at time of purchase. This is because we sell them when they start to sing and this is around 9 months. They are beautiful singers and very cute as well.

We also can get upon request MACAWS, CONURES, PIONUS, SENGALS, CAIQUES and others as well. ALL big birds we get in are hand tamed as well. For more information please call (732) 899-1920 and we will be happy to answer your question.


Love Birds

These babies we carry are always hand tamed and extremely friendly. We usually get them in around 5 weeks old. At this time they are still hand feeding and are ready to go home 2-3 weeks later. This will give them a chance to start eating on their own. Lovebirds make great pets and although many people believe they need to be in pairs they are actually better off by them selves. This is because if there are two of them they will bond to each other but if there is only one it will bond to you making it an excellent pet.



We also get these babies in at 5 weeks old when they are still hand feeding. At about 7-8 weeks of age they are ready to go home where they will make great pets. Cockateils can learn to talk and whistle.  Although males talk more than females both can have a decent vocabulary.